Transform into the most demanded Full Stack Software Engineer

Learn by building a complete Software as a Service product with features like authentication, user and role management, subscription-based pricing, access logs, and many more

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Master the latest tools and technologies

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Be Goal Oriented

Focus on building amazing software products

We've designed the training program to make you focused on building high quality software applications that solve critical buisness problems.

Unlike other training platform which sells on providing high package, our training makes you the most demanded software engineer, in the world.

Magnetic character

Be Magnetic

Attract jobs, not chase them

We want our students to focus on building a magnetic, charismatic personality through their open source contribution, projects, articles and talks, so they don't need to chase the jobs, rather companies would chase them.

About Training Program

You are going to build a full blown Software as a Service product, from the beginning, step by step, that has features like -

Authentication using Google & Magic link

Send notifications through - email, push and desktop

Manage customer support through in-built chat

Real-time error tracking and performance monitoring

Subscription management using Stripe

Ship to public cloud with CI/CD integration, running on kubernetes

Training Roadmap

The entire training program is composed of 10 courses, that will be covered over a period of one year.

Fundamentals of Web Development
4 weeks   |   HTMLCSSTailwind CSS
Code Collaboration with Git & Github
2 weeks   |   GitGithub
Programming the web with Javascript
3 weeks   |   JavascriptES6 & ES7
Server-side development with Node
2 weeks   |   File Systemweb server
ReactJS - The Enterprise UI Framework
4 weeks   |   ReactReduxRoutes
Web App Development with NextJS
3 weeks   |   NextJSVercelPM2
Databases & Object Relational Mapping
3 weeks   |   MySQLNoSQLPrisma
Building a secure web application
2 weeks   |   OAuthOIDCCSRF
Containerisation with Docker & K8s
4 weeks   |   dockerKubernetesECS
Provision and deploy on Amazon Web Services
2 weeks   |   EC2Route53EKS

About Trainer

Shad Amez is a software engineer, specialized in developing custom full stack web based products for enterprises and startups.

Work Experience

10+ years

Companies worked with

Program Fees


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until Dec 31st, 2023

  • 50+ hours of Online Video
  • Doubt clearance support
  • Access to the learner's community
  • Self-promotion strategies using Github & Social Media
  • Access to jobs from startups worldwide

Instructor Led

Online and Offline (in Dhanbad, India)


  • One year of intensive, classroom-based training
  • 1:1 Mentorship and guidance
  • Weekly Doubt clearance sessions
  • Self-promotion strategies using Github & Social Media
  • Access to jobs from startups worldwide